Dell Inc Essay Assignment Homework Help

Dell Inc Essay Assignment Homework Help

Dell Computers was named after its founder and Chairman Michael Dell (Hoovers 2012). The company began functioning in the early 80s to design and manufacture computers. Michael believed in efficiency. He created a company that had extremely efficient operations and responded to customer needs very fast. The highlight of his business model was the ability of customers to make their computers to their preferred designs. Customers could log on to the company website and choose their preferred features when placing an order. The company would then ship the new computer to the customers’ address. During the 90s and early 2000, Dell was the leading computer company worldwide Dell Inc Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Its woes began when customers began to slow down on their PC purchases. Dell no longer sold as many computers and its growth was slow and painful. Things became worse when the company’s legal trouble began. Advanced Internet Technologies sued Dell for knowingly selling faulty computers to its customers. This was around the year 2010. Later, Dell got into trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The company was accused of accounting fraud. The result was a restatement of its financials over a five-year period ending 2007. The company also paid several hefty fines to the SEC. As expected, its stock price declined tremendously Dell Inc Essay Assignment Homework Help.

An incident involving a Dell laptop that caught fire during the year 2006 also damaged the company’s public image. This incident led to a move by the company to recall batteries that were suspected to be faulty. Though Sony was the company responsible for manufacturing the batteries, Dell still took the fall for the faulty batteries. Profits at Dell reached an all time low in 2009. Since then, the company has been re-organizing and re-aligning its business. There has been an attempt to diversify from the PC industry, given the slow growth of the market. The company hopes to attain much needed growth by focusing on corporate IT solutions rather than lone customers. In line with this, it has acquired several smaller companies. These include Perot Systems, sonicWALL, AppAssure and Force 10 Networks. This paper seeks to explore expansion into the tablet market as a strategic option for Dell Inc. This paper adopts the Balanced Scorecard as the major tool of analysis Dell Inc Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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