Demographic Essay Assignment Homework Help

Demographic Essay Assignment Homework Help

Human beings’ population around the globe has experienced many changes. The population of an area can exhibit either an increase or a decrease. The two major aspects relating to the development of the demographic transition theory are birth and death rates. These two determine the population of a given place over a given period; therefore, they form the basis for the demographic transition theory. Statisticians express it in terms of the birth and death rates per 1000 people in a population. The demographic transition theory represents the changes from high death and birth rates to significantly low rates over a given period. The demographic transition model shows the stages that are involved in the reduction of these rates Demographic Essay Assignment Homework Help.

It is important to note that the rate at which these changes occur is dependant on the level of industrialization that a give geographical area has experienced. This brings in the concept of modernization. The concept asserts that human beings will always put efforts to better their life situations. A good example is the development of automobiles to enhance transport and the invention of medicine to cure some of the diseases that affect humans. It is obvious that different parts of the world differ as far as industrialization and civilization are concerned. Putting this into consideration, the demographic transition theory/model gives the stages that populations pass through as the birth and death rates pass during their decline Demographic Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The model has five major stages. The first stage is associated with a low population growth and an equal rate of births and deaths. All human populations were at this stage until the 18th century when industrialization began in Western Europe. The rates were above 30 per 1000 people. The second stage involves a decrease in death rates while the birth rates remain high which results to population increase. This stage represents the period immediately after the Agricultural Revolution of the 18th century.

During this period, there was increased food and water supply in most regions of the world especially in the West. The revolution enhanced the improvement of the living standards of the people hence the decrease in death rates. The third stage is the part of the model whereby the population moves towards stability whereby, the birth rates decrease as opposed to the second stage. Owing to this, both the birth and death rates are low at this stage. With respect to modernization, this stage came into being towards the end of the 19th century. During this period, technological advancements brought in birth control systems. Women in the society also became educated coupled with propagated urbanization amongst other changes. In the fourth stage, populations attain stability Demographic Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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