Demography Essay Assignment Homework Help

Demography Essay Assignment Homework Help

The population of Cape Town according to the Community Survey report was 3,497,097 in 2007. This was an increase of 20.9% from the census data of 2001 and 36.4% since 1996 census (Small 6). The city showed a very high increase in population as compared to the population growth of South Africa, which was by 8.2% between 2001 and 2007.The population growth in Western Cape was by 16.7% in the same period. Cape Town showed the highest increase in the population growth of the province and it comprised of 80.2% of the population increase of Western Cape (Small 6) Demography Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The gender ratio has shown a remarkable transition in the city since 1996. The city had a dominant female population in 1996 that changed from 51.6% of total population to 50% percent of the total population. In 2007, the city has an equal male and female population. The total increase in male population since 1996 through 2007 was 36.6% and that of female population was 28.1% Demography Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The distribution of population based on race and gender in 2007 (see table 1) shows that the component of coloured male and female population was highest (21.3% and 22% respectively) in 2007 followed by Black African male and female population (16.9% and 18% respectively). In term of migration, the 2007 report showed that most of the people who migrate to Cape Town are from Eastern Cape comprising of 44.9% of the total migration into the town. The second highest migration is from outside South Africa (19.46%). This demonstrates that there is a high degree of migration from other provinces into the city Demography Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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