Deontology Essay Assignment Homework Help

Deontology Essay Assignment Homework Help

Deontology is a concept of normative ethics that determines the morality of any given action by basing on the obligations of the actor or agent. Ross introduced the concept of intuitionism in deontology by arguing about the prioritization and rationalization of moral reasons behind an action. This is one of the main strengths of deontology as far as exploration of moral thought in the society is concerned. The morality of an action can only be determined by putting to scale the diverse explanations and arguments concerning the course of action and determining the reasons the argument seems to have profit. The other strength of deontology based on the thesis by Ross is the distinction of moral obligations of agents in any given action Deontology Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Ross makes a distinction between the prima facie duty and the actual duty of an agent. The prima facie duty is the conditional duty of an agent, while the actual duty entails the compelling forces behind a certain action. These compelling forces are often weighed against the stimuli to determine the critical moral reasons and circumstances that motivated a certain kind of action. Moreover, there is a classification of obligations into special and general obligations (Hooker n. p.). Therefore, deontology is broader and the best concept in exploring moral thought Deontology Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Deontology gives a lot of space for rationalizing and justifying a moral action to the extent that it does not offer enough room for questioning moral actions. There is also no clear basis on which to make a distinction between the diverse moral duties. This comes from the argument that the validity of moral duties differs with time and situations. Therefore, no clear mechanisms are provided on how to solve conflicting issues between moral duties Deontology Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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