Diabetes Essay Assignment Homework Help

Diabetes Essay Assignment Homework Help

Diabetes is short for diabetes mellitus and is one of the common chronic diseases. Generally, a chronic disease is a health condition with long term effects on affected individuals. According to Ekoé, Rewers, Williams and Zimmet (2008), the major effects of diabetes include long term damage, dysfunction, and failure of various body organs. Other chronic diseases include cancer, arthritis, asthma, and obesity. In a definition by the World Health Organization, diabetes is a state of chronic hyperglycemia resulting from many environmental and genetic factors often acting together. According to Mandal (2014) diabetes is a health condition where the body encounters difficulties as far as the utilization of ingested glucose is concerned. It is usually associated with excessive blood sugar levels Diabetes Essay Assignment Homework Help.

In order to understand diabetes, it is first necessary to know how the body operates to generate energy. Ordinarily, food that is eaten by human beings is usually turned to glucose so as to be used by our bodies to produce energy. To ensure that glucose eventually gets into our body cells, an organ in the body referred to as pancreas produces insulin. For a diabetic person, the amount of insulin produced is either not enough or the body can not effectively utilize the insulin produced. As a consequence, the amount of sugar in the blood is made to rise and this cause discomfort for the affected individuals Diabetes Essay Assignment Homework Help.

There are two common types of diabetes referred to as type 1 and type 2 respectively. Type 1 is due to insufficient insulin while type 2 results from inappropriate use of the insulin produced. Although not very common, gestational, neonatal, and maturity onset are other forms of diabetes. Gestational affects women during pregnancy while neonatal interferes with the production of insulin. Maturity onset diabetes of the young is a condition that affects young children Diabetes Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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