Diet Essay Assignment Homework Help

Diet Essay Assignment Homework Help

Eating healthy is a prerequisite to a happy and healthy living since it prevents several disorders and illnesses. The brain has several structures that contribute to healthy eating through initiation and motivation of an individual. Uptake of food involves evolutionary features such as relaxing rejuvenation of endorphins and serotonin mechanism that generates a sense of satisfaction and well-being after taking a meal Diet Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The motivation for healthy eating arises from a combination of structures found in the brain system. Such structures include the hypothalamus, hippocampus as well as the amygdala, which influence the generation of new memories and control feelings that lead to a positive outlook concerning diet alterations. The limbic structure is directly responsible for reward and motivation, a prerequisite factor for changing of diet from an unhealthy to a healthy one. When amygdala gets excited, it leads to remembering new learning and maintaining fresh habits like taking a healthy meal Diet Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Mesolimbic opioid, as well as the dopamine areas, trigger a high appetite for food as well as taking too much food through an injured or malfunctioning hypothalamus can also lead to an increased appetite for food. Dopamine is a chemical transmitter involved in transporting data within the limbic system and is responsible for reward and satisfying feelings. In addition, prefrontal cortex controls impulsive tendencies and assists an individual in making proper judgments concerning the choice of food Diet Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Genetic factors play a role in influencing the capability to indulge in healthy eating. Genetic factors include biological conditions like allergies, despising of certain foods and attachment to cultural foods. An eating disorder is hereditary capable of influencing an individual concerning eating healthy or not eating healthy. The central nervous system is responsible for tasting perceptions and levels of satisfaction while eating yet these differ from one individual to the other due to the disparity in genetic makeup. Tasting perceptions and feelings of satisfaction affect the intake of meals. Various brain parts like prefrontal cortex control perceptions in an individual through an individual’s choices and experience influence the uptake of food. Intelligence is hereditary too and contributes a lot when it comes to making choices concerning foods. Lack of stress management skills, sadness and boredom have a basis in genetics and can influence how an individual indulges in food Diet Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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