Discovery Essay Assignment Homework Help

Discovery Essay Assignment Homework Help

Europe is one among the seven continents that exist in the world. It is the 6th largest continent on the planet earth, and it consists of forty seven countries and assorted dependencies, islands and territories. The recognized surface area is approximately 10 million sq. km. The age of discovery also called the age of exploration in Europe was a period in history which started in the early 15th century and continued until early 17th century. During this period, the Europeans engaged in intensive exploration of the world.They managed to establish contacts with other continents to begin trading activities and establish new trade routes. It was in this age that the “European sailors and ships left the coastal waters of the Old World and embarked on their adventure on the vast green sea of darkness” Discovery Essay Assignment Homework Help.

This age was very helpful to the Europeans because they gained new information that helped them to expand geographical knowledge.After the introduction of new ideas, technology, and new products to the world by the explorers; the age of discovery came to an end in early 17th century. The age of discovery left behind several things that have remained historic to date. There was increased communication network and trade that improved drastically along the low areas that had been discovered. Therefore, there was no need to continue searching for new trading routes Discovery Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Although the age of discovery came to an end at this time, some of the areas like the eastern part of Australia had not yet been discovered by then. This area remained unexplored until 1770 with some of the arctic and Antarctic areas which were not discovered until 19th century. The voyages undertaken by these explorers were motivated by various factors. These factors included wealth, which was from gold, silver and spices from Asia and other countries. They also were out to search for trading opportunities that increased as the exploration age continued. Also, these explorers were out to spread religion to various parts of the world. This motivated the European explorers to continue with the exploration. Again there was a lot of empowerment from the European countries. This motivated them to explore on other parts of the world Discovery Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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