Discrimination Essay Assignment Homework Help

Discrimination Essay Assignment Homework Help

Discrimination is an issue that bothers many and creates tension even among the settled Indigenous people who have been in their native land for ages. In line with Takaki’s writing on a “A different mirror” (54), the Native Americans were as a result of settlements by people of various ethnic groups such as Africans, pilgrims and Asians in the nineteen sixties. History would point out that some of the settlements were incidental such as Christopher Columbus mistaken landing at an Island in America, thinking it was Asia. African Americans often faces racism, for instance It is quite often to find people in the street inquiring about racial backgrounds indirectly by asking others where they come from, just as they would comfortably exchange some greeting lines with strangers Discrimination Essay Assignment Homework Help.

According to Takiki (57), African Americans face racial discrimination because Americans have the history of the past, which make them view America as “European in ancestry”. In the illusion of labelling people based on ethnical boundaries, people have built a concept that the definition of America is “white”. However, today America has radically changed as evident at the leadership level. The reality has resided on people’s minds and racism is not ubiquitous as the majority can trace their background to other countries. People no longer judge others by their looks. We are all equal but this change has originated form a far end. The Europeans saw the American Indians as a savage group that deserved to be isolated due to its barbaric ways. The Europeans believed that the American Indians were inferior and they did not given them an opportunity to gain education (Hale, 2002) or convert to Christianity as they were thought to be of a different species from the whites Discrimination Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The negative attitude towards American Indians led to prejudices against them and it continued long after the country has gained independence and prejudices and stereotypes against the Native Americans continued to promote their segregation. The American Indians experience racism in America. Racism is reinforced by prejudices that have been passed down from one generation to another. The communities where the American Indians live or the tribal areas lack security because they do not have adequate police officers patrolling the areas. Consequently, the level of crime is high in such communities and cases of violence against American Indians are high. The rate of prosecuting and bringing to justice people who commit heinous acts against them is slow. There is a feeling that the American justice system does not protect the American Indians Discrimination Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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