Disneyland Essay Assignment Homework Help

Disneyland Essay Assignment Homework Help

Disneyland fully embodies the spirit of the American people who love freedom, adventurous, creative. Fist of all, the first immigrants came into this rich but full of inflicted land. Americans have to fight with nature. Therefore, they have the spirit of innovation enterprising, adventurous. Also, because of their lack of history and tradition, they don’t have many taboos. American people believe that people need to have an adventurous spirit to get a chance to be a success. (need some source here) As a part of American culture, the national feather is fully embodied in Disneyland’s thematic area. In the “Fantasyland,” visitors find their favorite Disney characters, hovering in Disney coffee cups; “Adventure land” allows visitors to experience a tour of virgin forest in Asia and Africa. “Tomorrow land” is a place full of science fiction and the realization of shuttle space fantasy place, visitors can “fly over space mountain” experience time and space travel. They also can take the UFO back and forth shuttle space. When people in Disneyland can temporarily stay away from the real world, into the colorful fairy tale kingdom, feel the mysterious fantasy of the future kingdom and thrilling adventure world. This is the main reason most people enjoy spending their spare time in Disneyland Disneyland Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Moreover, as part of the culture, Americans have great behaviors in public. In Disney, everything has its rules. As such, people should get in line with everything. Only if people respect the rules, they will get full freedom. Except for disabled people, no one has special. In the United States, people are educated on their independent work, independent thinking ability, and American education to encourage personality development. However, in most Asia cultures, people do whatever their parents want at home, follow the teachers’ orders in the school after work listens to their boss. This is completely lost their independence, resulting in creative lack. At Disneyland, people can take full advantage of their creative and independent ability. This is also why Disneyland, as an intermediary for American culture, is being loved deeply in Asia Disneyland Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Amusement activities offered by Disneyland parks in Tokyo and Paris play an important role in shaping multicultural and social environments. When discussing the present tendencies related to cultural and social development, it is important to pay attention to such companies since they influence the whole of society by attracting an audience that loves escapism and fairytale settings. Everyone knows that Disneyland is a popular theme park. However, people seldom think about the enormous influence of the company’s activities on people’s perceptions regarding fun in multicultural environments Disneyland Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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