Disorders Essay Assignment Homework Help

Disorders Essay Assignment Homework Help

Disorders are in the category of depressive disorders that affect the normal brain functions of an individual. Many people have been diagnosed with depressive disorders. It is approximated that in the U.S. over 17.4 million people experience a form of depressive disorder yearly. This implies that one out of every seven individuals is afflicted with the condition. The people afflicted with bipolar disorders normally experience mood disorders clinically called mania or, if milder, hypomania, and depression. Scientists classify the mental condition into the four forms for the reason that its symptoms vary depending on the particular person. When medical health experts have recognized the form a person has, they are able to modify medication to suit the requirements of the patient. Bipolar disorder does not discriminate. It affects men and women, every race, and cuts across the socio-economic levels. The condition most of the time shows up during the late teens or early twenties. Nevertheless, studies have indicated that the initial episode of the condition takes place much earlier: the first symptoms are manifested in teenagers, and even kids can start showing symptoms Disorders Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Scientists have discovered that children and adolescents afflicted with bipolar disorder do not manifest similar behavioral patterns that adults with the same condition manifest. For instance, children afflicted with the condition may experience one or more episodes of abnormally elevated mood together with other mood-related symptoms such as irritability and high levels of anxiety. However, the children may not experience other symptoms, which are usually more widespread in grown-ups. Since the functions of the brain is involved, the ways patients with the condition think, act, and feel are all impinged on and this can make it particularly hard for normal individuals to understand them Disorders Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The victims of the disorder most of the time get frustrated when people fail to appreciate their condition and provide them with help when necessary. The condition is not an indication of weakness or a character flaw. Bipolar disorder is a serious medical condition that needs attention, similar to other conditions. Symptoms of mania include racing speech and thoughts, improved energy, reduced number of sleeping time, elevated mood and exaggerated optimism, lack of good judgment, and reckless behavior. Symptoms of depression include lack of interest in every day activities, prolonged sad or irritable moods, too much sleeping, poor concentration, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and loss of appetite or overeating Disorders Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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