Divorce Essay Assignment Homework Help

Divorce Essay Assignment Homework Help

Divorce is a very complex situation. It is not a one-time affair, which is over with the proceedings in the courthouse. Divorce involves a long process including the sequence of events and behaviors, which gradually tears down the positive feelings of one or both the spouses for each other. In course of time, they are convinced that they cannot carry on with this marital relationship and want to get rid of it.. Not only the divorcing couples but also their children, relatives and people related to them experience an upheaval in every aspect of their lives. Therefore, divorce is often a very painful sequence of events Divorce Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The fights between parents and their incompatibility leave deep negative impressions on the children. They feel dejected and unwanted. This situation can result in their developing a negative attitude towards parents and marriage. The parents’ matrimonial problems develop a sense of deprivation of parental love, feeling of guilt, embarrassment, insecurity and lower self-confidence in children. They lose concentration in studies and tend to develop negative attitude and behavior such as depression, anxiety, indiscipline, etc. If these effects are not reflected upon seriously, they may influence their personalities through adulthood. The children are shattered and filled with the feelings of anxiety and anger following their parents ‘divorce. Hence, they need proper attention and support to deal with the sense of insecurity they develop after their parents ‘divorce Divorce Essay Assignment Homework Help.

It is apparent that divorce of their parents affects all children. There are some effects that appear immediately after the separation and others occur in a long run. Children of divorcees feel rejected by one of their parents and are unavoidably pressurized by greater responsibilities. They are devoid of the nurturing relationship of the non-custodial parent(usually the father). The gender of the custodial parent also determines the impact of the divorce on children. Children staying in the custody of the parent of opposite sex show more problems. According to Amato and Booth (1996), It is observed that children can occasionally pull through rather swiftly following the divorce, but divorce related feelings may come out later in life because of the repressed feelings at a subconscious level. This delayed reaction is the outcome of the denied feelings about the traumatic experiences of childhood Divorce Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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