Domestic Violence Essay Assignment Homework Help

Domestic Violence Essay Assignment Homework Help

The domestic violence cases that have been experienced in the past have led to the belief that men are always guilty in domestic violence cases. This is a stereotype that has made a score of men to be innocently victimized for domestic violence since it is always presumed that a man is guilty until proven otherwise in these cases. This is very wrong since depending on the nature of the case, a woman could be guilty and thus in such cases, women use the stereotypical believes surrounding domestic violence with men to ensure that men are accused falsely. In other cases, mere accusations lead to legal action even in cases that lack evidence of domestic violence or abuse. Despite efforts by a number of activists to introduce laws that will remove the loopholes in assault and domestic violence cases, the unfair stereotype of “guilty until proven otherwise” (Scarff 1) still exists and men continue to suffer for crimes they have not committed Domestic Violence Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The woman had broken three of her husband’s ribs after attacking him violently. As the husband fell on the ground due to the instability he got after his ribs were broken, his head accidentally struck her head. Some spectator called the police and as they arrived, the woman praised herself for the bravery she had shown striking her husband to the ground. She even bragged about the same to the police. When time comes for the sentencing of domestic violence cases, women always get fairer sentences. It is common knowledge that women always get a half the sentence that is given to a man for exactly the same crime. This is in cases where the court has identified a lot of liability on the part of the woman such that the court has to give her some jail time. In other words, most of these cases are characterized by the freeing of the woman and jailing of the man Domestic Violence Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Amazingly, with the woman being the aggressor, both were arrested and as the woman got released on recognizance, the man was required by the judge to pay a $ 10,000 bond. This case can be seen as an indication that men are always presumed to be guilty in domestic violence cases. This is shown by the fact that, although the man was the one injured and the woman was clearly the aggressor from the way she bragged about beating him, both were arrested. The presumption of the guilt of a man in domestic violence cases is further proven by the decision of the court in which the man is required to post a bond despite the fact that the woman attacked him, injured him and made him to fall hitting her accidentally on her head with his head. The court clearly showed that stereotypical ideas against men in domestic violence cases exist and also showed that a man can hardly get justice in domestic violence cases involving a woman Domestic Violence Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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