Donald Trump Essay Assignment Homework Help

Donald Trump Essay Assignment Homework Help

Donald Trump, a well-established multi-billionaire, a successful real estate developer and a distinguished celebrity, is a controversial but prominent figure in modern history. Despite major analysts’ predictions, his presidential election victory became an ultimate event, and Trump’s “drive, persistence, and eloquence astonished the whole world”. Though there are many contradictive opinions regarding Trump’s personality, his political course, and current contribution to the American society as a President, despite his lack of knowledge and experience in a political sphere, his work may have a positive outcome for all spheres of the US community Donald Trump Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Leaders’ background experiences and beliefs shape how they make decisions. The history of Donald Trump’s family, its values, his upbringing, and further education substantively formed the character of a future American President . His grandfather, Friedrich Drump, was managing a successful restaurant business during the gold rush in the 1890s, and this fortune let his son, Fred Trump, build his own real estate company. Donald Trump was the fourth child in the family, and alongside his siblings, he was raised to be inconceivably ambitious and hard-working, with the belief he was “destined for greatness as a king” (Sherman 11). During the study in a private school and Fordham University, Trump learned about discipline and experienced the first achievements, this success aroused his interest in the family business, and he closed his first deal when he was only twenty-six. His further incredible success in real estate industries and a luxurious flash lifestyle made him highly recognizable; this popularity, along with his charisma and the sounding promises, let him win the race for the White House Donald Trump Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was distinguished mainly by his authenticity and his focus on the US internal politics. As a true leader who is responsible for his words by the actions, Trump was supported for his straight answers and direct communication with the voting public. According to his contemporaries, “he had elevated himself to a special truth-teller status”. His main vision could be described as “America First,” which means the increase of workplaces for Americans, economic growth of the country stimulated by the domestic products and the prohibition of the illegal immigration, serving the interests of the USA on the international scene. Even though his campaign rhetoric was sometimes factually incorrect and offensive toward women, Mexicans, and Muslims, and particular political decisions did not meet with general approval, Donald Trump has received the support of the vast majority of the Americans Donald Trump Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Evaluating Trump’s work and his contribution to society, there is no escaping the fact that this leader is standing by his words, mostly focusing on the growth of the Americans’ material well-being. Unemployment and poverty rates are declining through the creation of new workspaces for citizens, not least because American manufacturing was brought back, and the government supports small businesses. A considerable number of Americans enlarged the amount of their savings and feel more confident due to economic expansion. Furthermore, Trump’s administration is formed from the people who, as stated by Dr. Trenin, “are used to getting things done from a position of strength” Donald Trump Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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