Dove Essay Assignment Homework Help

Dove Essay Assignment Homework Help

The goals of Unilever’s Dove promotion strategy and market research are to set up Dove as all encompassing brand. In addition, the promotion strategy was to enhance the sales of various Dove beauty products by laying bare the stereotyped characterization of beauty by the society (Deighton, 2008). The study explored in-depth understanding of beauty and well-being of women around the globe. Secondly, the study provided data concerning perceptions of women on beauty and the way they feel about themselves. This important information was found to be vital in developing advertising campaign portraying real and attainable beauty in women Dove Essay Assignment Homework Help.

In its integrated marketing strategy, the element of public relations was the centerpiece. The integrated approach to marketing planning involved combining the marketing tools such as consumer promotions, customers marketing, advertising and media planning. The public relations strategy was developed around the globe to generate brand awareness and establish emotional connection with women. The major aim of the strategy was to create a buzz of controversy that would draw interest of the majority particularly the target market. Though the plan succeeded and much of it fed into the digital media, this only attracted the internet users Dove Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Dove is facing competition from numerous products manufactured within the beauty industry. Therefore, there is need for a strong brand and enhanced marketing campaign. However, the company can easily develop new products that could be marketed using the brand name. Besides, the company is also enjoying increased brand loyalty around the globe. Brand loyalty is a competitive advantage that the company enjoys. Dove products can easily be substituted with products from other companies. In other words, other companies can produce almost similar products, use similar marketing campaigns to outperform dove products from the market. Therefore, the company should be sensitive to product differentiation and pricing in order to survive in the market for a long time Dove Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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