Dreaming Essay Assignment Homework Help

Dreaming Essay Assignment Homework Help

Dreaming is a phenomenon that has puzzled both classical theorists and modern scientists seeking to explain their nature and purpose. Dreams can be defined as the imagery that comes as a result of thoughts and emotions during a person’s sleep. It is interesting to note that the average human being has about three to five dreams per night. No philosopher or scientists both in the classical and modern era has ever come up with a comprehensive explanation of what exactly dreams are and why human beings and animals such as birds and mammals experience them Dreaming Essay Assignment Homework Help.

As mentioned earlier, the average human being dreams every time he/she is a sleep. While most of these dreams are forgotten, some people do remember dreams especially those that take place during the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep. Lack of understanding of the dream phenomenon despite its frequency in occurrence makes it an interesting topic to study. The historical perspective of dreaming can be analyzed through the various meanings that different people have attached to the phenomenon. These cultural meanings can be seen through different historical prisms such as ancient history, classical and religious history, art, popular culture and in philosophical realism Dreaming Essay Assignment Homework Help.

In ancient and classical history spheres, dreams were seen through the animist narrative of creation where a special connection is made with the gods and other super natural beings. An important aspect of these historical explanations of dreams especially ancient and classical is the involvement of the soul. In an effort to explain dreams, people thought the human soul came out of their bodies and wandered away and actually engaged in the activities seen or experienced during the dream. Religion on the other hand sees dreams as a communication between the Supreme Being and his subjects. In this explanation, religion believes that the Supreme Being is trying to pass a message to the subjects either as a warning or as a lesson Dreaming Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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