Dystopia Essay Assignment Homework Help

Dystopia Essay Assignment Homework Help

Science fiction dystopia is one of the most fascinating movie genres of the twenty first century. In the contemporary world, people have made a great deal of progress as far as the issue of technology and science is concerned. Therefore, there is great anxiety as to where the technological development is taking the world Dystopia Essay Assignment Homework Help. To the advantage of the filmmakers, the existence of anxiety enables them to create movies that display the usage of technology in the future and its harmful replications that would crop up concerning the relationship between humans and scientific developments. However, science fiction dystopia is almost the same as the horror movie genre. The difference lies in the former’s minimal role of human beings directly involved in causing harm to human life and products of scientific progress taking different roles in the movies as opposed to the horror movies.

Dystopia Essay Assignment Homework Help In addition, it is possible for more than one film genres to be incorporated into a movie in order to produce a hybrid-genre film work. A good example is the case where war films incorporate modernized weapons that are products of fiction science as it has been the case in a majority of the twenty first century movies. Although science fiction dystopia is one of the strongest movie genres, it is often very hard to apply it singly in a film without having to incorporate other genres. Science and technology are useful elements to human life due to their ability to solve problems that human beings face in their daily life. In addition, it is used to save money and time while increasing efficiency of the work done without it being applied.

In dystopian fiction, fictional universe is constructed through the selection of back stories about revolution, uprisings, disasters, and even dangers of overpopulation early enough in the literal work. According to Galvan, “this results in a shift in emphasis of control, from previous systems of government to a government run by bureaucracies; or from previous social norms to a changed society and new social norms”Dystopia Essay Assignment Homework Help

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