eBay Essay Assignment Homework Help

eBay Essay Assignment Homework Help

eBay’s mission is to ‘make impossible commerce possible and to make inefficient commerce efficient. Its vision is to grow and expand its venture to cross border trade without incurring excessive costs in its expansion. Its objectives oscillate round its vision, which is, coming up with strategies that ensure growth without causing negative impacts on the company eBay Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Excellence, efficiency, quality, customer and employee satisfaction and image form the pillar of the company’s values. It has a centralized leadership structure where only top management can make important decisions and there has to be consultations before any decision is implemented. It has a decentralized leadership structure also. The case study shows that top managers normally appoint directors who are in charge of specific goods or product line, rather than there being only one manager overlooking all the transactions that are being made. Its beliefs are mainly customer satisfaction, efficiency, excellence and quality. eBay has its own distinct way of doing things in that, customers are given a lot of leeway. Customers choose what to list and the length of time the goods are to be listed eBay Essay Assignment Homework Help.

eBay’s arenas include its product categories (which are mainly collector items and items that are more suited for hobbies) and its distribution channel that is wholly the internet as all the transactions is made online. It also includes its market segment, which largely consists of collectors and hobbyists in terms of the type of goods offered, and its geographic areas. This encompasses the United States and other countries outside United States for example Europe, its core technologies, which is mainly the internet, and its value creation strategies, which are mostly handled by the customers. Its vehicle was mainly the increased number of listings it experienced after it was founded. eBay differentiated its products in that it mainly dealt with collectors’ items rather than practical items eBay Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The economic logic was that since it enabled people to enjoy their hobbies while still in the comfort of their homes, there would be increased listings and therefore increased earnings for the company. Its staging was that it continued to report growing profits annually. This company was launched in 1995 and in no time spread nationally in the United States. In 1999, it went international entering the UK, Australian and German markets. In 2000, it made a debut in Japan, France and Canada eBay Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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