Ecosystem Essay Assignment Homework Help

 Ecosystem Essay Assignment Homework Help

The imbalance in ecosystem is eventually leading to extinction of some species from the earth surface. In equatorial Africa, over exploitation of the equatorial forest to provide trees for timber and medicinal herbs is leading to desertification. The Equatorial forest together with the Amazon forest used to boast of the widest varieties of birds and animals which most of them no longer exist. The extinction and endangerment of animals in these forests are caused by human being activities  Ecosystem Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Sheldon, in the article Endangered Species/Species Extinction – Causes, Statistics, and Trends, suggests that human beings should develop a way to exploit the environment without affecting other species living within the same surrounding. Natural extinction can be slowed down even if it is caused by forces of nature. The natural extinction within the Amazon forest is being brought about by climate change  Ecosystem Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The climate change is brought by human activities which include industrialization and farming. Using of environmentally friendly sources of power to run the industries might reduce the global warming by 25%. The Greater Horseshoe Bat a bird found in Britain is endangered because of human activities of lumbering and use of pesticides within its eco system. The bird left without a natural habitat and food making is hard to survive in the new polluted environment.

Laws developed to protect the endangered animals are not enough to protect the rare species. Governments need to involve the local communities in trying to protect the animals which would be an effective process. Kurpis, in her article Ways You Can Help Endangered Species, suggests that communities should be involved in forming game reserves or parks where the endangered animals will be reared  Ecosystem Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The need to protect endangered animals is a necessity because of the technological advancement among the humans. Human beings have come up with weapons that can kill some of these animals in thousands within a short period. Poachers use these weapons to hunt the endangered animals eventually contributing to eradication of certain species of animals like the white rhino. The anti poaching laws and willingness of people have proved pivotal in increasing the white rhino’s population within the Earth’s surface.

Research by Bishop, in his publication Biodiversity loss from species extinctions may rival pollution and climate change impacts, has shown areas with massive extinction are facing decrease in biodiversity. The extinction is leading to such things as global warming, low production, and air pollution  Ecosystem Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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