Electricity Essay Assignment Homework Help

Electricity Essay Assignment Homework Help

Electricity is a wide topic used to illustrate the actions of electrons and protons. The subsequent flow of the electrons forms the current we use to energize everything around us. It is important to realize that electricity did not just come to be. Many dedicated men committed and sacrificed themselves to bring electricity to the form that we know it today. According to Diana Bocco (2010), “The history of electricity goes back more than two thousand years, to the time the Ancient Greeks discovered that rubbing fur on amber caused an attraction between the two. ”By the turn of the 17th century, there were numerous electricity-related discoveries that scientists had arrived at. Among these were electrostatic generators and the separation between positive and negative currents. By this time, physicians had also come up with a formula to identify which materials were insulators or conductors Electricity Essay Assignment Homework Help.

As early as 1600, physicians like William Gilbert had come up with terms like electric to refer to the energy that certain materials emit when rubbed against other materials. This clearly shows that even before the invention of electricity there were other discoveries that pointed to the existence of electricity. The invention of electricity was therefore wrought from limitless efforts from different people. For a long time, lightening has fascinated the human race. As time progressed, this fascination led Greek scholars like Thales to observe that rubbing amber against fur could generate an electric charge. Soon after this, a German physicist Otto Von Guericke tried to generate electricity in 1650 Electricity Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Almost 80 years after Otto Von’s discovery, another English physicist by the name of Stephen Gray discovered that some materials had greater potential to conduct electricity over others. Almost two decades after Gray’s invention, Benjamin Franklin proved beyond doubt that lightening and the spark produced by rubbing amber against fur material that the Greek physicist Thales had earlier invented were related. According to historians, Franklin tied an iron spike to a kite that was made of silver and flew it in a storm. In one of her works Diana Bocce (2010) observes, “The kite experiment helped Franklin establish a relationship between lightening and electricity, which led to the invention of the lightning rod” Electricity Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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