Energy Drink Essay Assignment Homework Help

Energy Drink Essay Assignment Homework Help

Foot orienteering is a new sporting product that the young, the middle-aged, and the old individuals can undertake. Ferguson and Turbyhill (2013) describes foot orienteering as a sport that involves navigation of terrains on foot, which are unfamiliar to the participants. Since the firm offers foot orienteering (the sport) and Rockstar (the drink), it falls under the industry sector of sports in the United Kingdom. The participants need an energy drink to energize and rejuvenate their bodies. The United Kingdom has elaborate legal structures that define and guide the sport industry and thus support foot orienteering. Herein the necessity for introducing a specific platform for the product promotion lies. It is crucial that the target audience should notice the product immediately and recognize it among an increasingly large number of similar products. In addition, it is imperative that the promotion campaign should convince people in the outstanding qualities of the drink, therefore, making it possible for the drink to survive even in the process of competing with such giants as Red Bull, Monster and other brand names Energy Drink Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Among the key objectives, an increase in sales and the consequent rise in the company’s net revenues should be listed first. This is the key goal, which the creation of a new brand was supposed to help achieve. As far as the objectives regarding the brand in question are concerned, it will be imperative that the introduction of the product into the global market should trigger at least a 10% increase in the amount of the company’s customers. Another obvious objective, which must be listed among the key goals of the branding, the design of an adequate advertisement strategy, which will appeal to the general audience and at the same time cost comparatively little money, should be designed Energy Drink Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Finally, it is imperative that the brand in question should be advertised via both traditional and modern media. In fact, the emphasis should lie on the latter, since the significance of IT and modern media is getting increasingly huge; therefore, it can be assumed that, promoted via social networks and directly to the customers via e-mail messages (Meng, 2010), the product will become recognizable much faster than it will be once advertised on billboards and public transport Energy Drink Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Living in the fast lane means adjusting to the environment of the modern fast changing world. For those, who feel that they have slackened their pace in this unceasing chase for innovations, a new energy drink has been designed – our brand product will keep our customers in pace with the contemporary world and quicken their pulse! An energy drink, easily distinguishable from a range of others, our brand product will keep our customers fresh and ready for new experiences. The energy drink suggested has a unique taste and outstanding quality. It is produced in two variations, a traditional one and its diet (sugarless) version. The drink contains no GMO and is absolutely safe for consumption for everyone over three years old.

As it has been stressed above, the drink does not have any particular age restriction. Therefore, the target audience that the company embraces ranges from sixteen-year-old people to adults and, therefore, has specific age boundaries (Romero, 2014). Moreover, it should be noted that the drink is most likely to seem attractive to a particular demographics; to be more exact, it is assumed that teenagers and young adults are most likely going to consume the product as an alternative to alcoholic beverages Energy Drink Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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