Environmentalism Essay Assignment Homework Help

Environmentalism Essay Assignment Homework Help

Environmentalism can be defined as a branch of philosophy that is relatively broad encompassing aspects of social movement which focus much on the state of the environment for instance aspects of environmental conservation like prevention of pollution and destruction which is facilitated by human beings’ indulgence in environmental unfriendly operations. It is the view of the environment as being a very critical element that affects a majority of other life issues especially those linked to growth and development Environmentalism Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Environmentalism and the need to safeguard and protect the environment have led to the rise of various environmental movements all which are associated with a group of activists. Environmental movement can be traced in the mid twentieth century where most people were able to recognize the importance of the environment. The earth day in 1969 and its success is a point of reference when it comes to environmental movements and it led to the formation of the U.S Environmental Protection Agency the same year which acted as a unit of protecting the environment through establishment of various laws and policies Environmentalism Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Various environmental movements have since been formed with modern movements undergoing a lot of changes due to the changes in the environment for instance global warming. Some of the known environmental movement activists include Dai Qing an anti-dam pioneer, Jose Bove, Amory Lovins, Wangarii Maathai, David Bellamy, Sinafasi Makeloadrien, Marina Silvia, Paul Watson, Oral Ataniyazova, and Medhapatkar among others all advocating for protection of various aspects of the environment  Environmentalism Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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