Film Essay Assignment Homework Help

Film Essay Assignment Homework Help

Ever since Zack Snyder’s film 300 was released to the movie theaters in 2007, it almost immediately fell under bombardment of strongly negative movie-reviews. For example, in his review of 300, Smith (2007) have gone as far as accusing director of being a Nazi: “It isn’t a stretch to imagine Adolf’s boys at a “300” screening, heil-fiving each other throughout and then lininig up to see it again” (New York Post) Film Essay Assignment Homework Help.

And, the only reason why particularly ‘progressive’ critics go berserk, every time the name of this particular Snyder’s movie is being mentioned, is because 300 glorifies certain existential virtues, which hawks of political correctness want people to refer to as ‘sexist’, ‘chauvinist’ and ‘racist’, such as courageousness, loyalty, freedom-loving and industriousness.

Nevertheless, whatever the ironical it might sound – by having represented the battle of Thermopylae in the way he did, Snyder had simply proven his allegiance to the ideals of multiculturalism. After all, multiculturalism is about allowing people from different ethnic backgrounds to explore their cultural uniqueness. And, that includes White people as well.

Film 300, is director’s own retelling of the famous story of how three hundred Spartans, headed by King Leonidas, had fought the hordes of barbarians from Asia, who wanted to enslave freedom-loving Sparta Film Essay Assignment Homework Help.

And, given director’s highly personal stance in retelling this story, it comes as no surprise that it is namely the fact that film contains a variety of historical accuracies, which critics point out to as its main drawback. In her article, Elston (2009) states: “The film 300 has developed an almost-immediate cult following since its March 2007 release.

Yet the movie’s success hinges upon the conflation of conservative nationalism with epic heroism, serving as an example of both distorted history and displaced mass identification” (58). Nevertheless, despite the fact that 300, cannot be referred to as utterly accurate, in historical sense of this word, it portrays what had driven courageous Spartans to defy Persian ‘god-King’ Xerxes with utter exactness.

Apparently, the cultural uniqueness, on the part of White people, does not solely refer to their talent in baby-making, as it is usually the case with people in Third World countries, but to their acute sense of freedom. It is namely because Whites have traditionally been endowed with such a sense, which allowed them to facilitate cultural, scientific and social progress, throughout the course of known history Film Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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