Fitness Essay Assignment Homework Help

Fitness Essay Assignment Homework Help 

Fitness in most professional jobs is an individual duty to assess his or her well-being in undertaking such professions. It is a legal requirement to undergo thorough medical checkups before qualifying for professions like aviation and other related jobs. Most of the accidents caused by aircrafts are related to human factors of physical and psychological fitness. With the advancement in technology, aircrafts have become more reliable and efficient, thus reducing the number of accidents that occur due to mechanical breakdown. The greater percentage of aircraft accidents is thus caused by human factors and account to more than eighty percent of the total accidents caused by the aircrafts Fitness Essay Assignment Homework Help .

The success of a flight is dependent on human fitness to execute a safe flight. This term paper discusses the factors that affect fitness and performance in aviation such as physical exercise, health, stress, workloads, shift work, pressure to meet deadlines and use of drugs. The physical fitness and vigorous health of aviation workers are critical aspects in their performance, in aviation, because of the nature of some of their jobs that may be physically demanding. Besides, aviation activities are carried out in a wide range of physical environments that involve substantial change in temperatures, air composition, humidity and other weather related factors Fitness Essay Assignment Homework Help .

The ability of the aviation workers to carry some of their tasks may be hindered by poor eyesight, poor hearing, physical injuries, and other physical related factors. It is a duty for the individual workers to assess their physical and health fitness in carrying out the aviation duties. Secondly, physical fitness of an individual affects the sensory system of orientation. Good eyesight is critical in making judgments on safe flight. The human eye is adapted to see during the day light using rods in the eyes and at night using the cones. The rods take time to adjust to bright light during the night when it is introduced shortly. Physical fitness through exercising the body and eating a well balanced diet that is rich in vitamins is vital in maintaining proper eyesight Fitness Essay Assignment Homework Help .

Vitamin A specifically is used to prevent night blindness disease that is caused by lack of enough vitamin A in the diet. Night blindness causes blurred vision that affects the performance in aviation because of accidents that result from poor judgment of the eyesight. Deprivation of oxygen caused by flights at high altitudes leads to poor eyesight and poor performance in aviation thus alternative source for oxygen should be provided Fitness Essay Assignment Homework Help .

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