Flood Essay Assignment Homework Help

Flood Essay Assignment Homework Help

Floods are natural disasters. Unlike other natural disasters such as earth quake, floods can be prevented. Factors such as runoffs cause floods. In rural areas, runoffs usually exceed the drainage capacity along the river channels hence causing floods. In urban areas, the outburst and damage caused by storms on the drainage systems cause floods. In addition, the rise of water in the sea level causes floods. In most cases, tsunamis are an example of possible floods resulting from sea storms. Finally, the collapse of water supply system and the failure of the sanitary carriage channels cause floods Flood Essay Assignment Homework Help .

The mitigation measures for floods include the following; “control over rivers, establishing policies and legislation on the use of land such as terracing and assess to flood-prone areas”. Control over the rivers involves “assessing the flow and the height of the water”. In case the controls are not appropriate, some alterations must be done. Some of the alterations involve the construction of rivers and reservoirs on rivers. These will be responsible for water storage, hence the reduction on flood threats. Construction of floodwalls is another essential element for “confining water from flowing into unwanted areas” Flood Essay Assignment Homework Help.

This reduces the amount of damage caused by floods. Development of watersheds is critical to facilitating absorption of water by soil during heavy rain falls. This involves practices such as crop rotation, reforestation, terracing and contour-strip farming. On the other hand, policies and legislation governing the use of land play a great role in preventing people from residing in flood plains. This will be a prevention measure for people living in flood-prone areas. This involves legislation in land zoning to control development areas, encroachment lines, building codes and subdivision policies Flood Essay Assignment Homework Help.

According to www.fema.gov, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is meant to support citizens. This is by ensuring a fast response towards protecting citizens against disasters is given priority. FEMA uses the following criteria in prioritizing its disaster mitigation strategies; reducing or complete elimination of long terms risks and ensure people are safe.The above FEMA criterion protects people and properties from natural disasters. This will entail enactment of long lasting policies and regulations governing the use and zoning of lands in the country. In addition, FEMA has mechanisms to educate citizens on how to reduce flood occurrence and damages Flood Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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