Obama Essay Assignment Homework Help

Obama Essay Assignment Homework Help

As the forty fourth president of the United States, President Barrack Obama has accomplished several feats. Being the first African American president in the history of the United States is in its self a phenomenal achievement though other elements factor in as well. Since his inception in 2008, president Obama faced many great challenges, the immediate one being the 2007 to 2008 global recession which was severe in the United States in particular. Through a number of financial policies and stimulus packages, president Obama was able to lift America from the verge of depression and though the economy is not yet completely stable, progress is evident throughout the nation Obama Essay Assignment Homework Help.

President Obama was also prominent in his attempt to reach out to the Islamic community which has for a long time been considered to be at odds with American capitalist ideology. The president went to great lengths to symbolize a new beginning to the way America and Islamic nations coexisted and he also endeavored to convince Russia to abandon its nuclear weapons program all of which won him universal appeal. With such sentimentalism for global peace, president Obama was nominated for and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. more recently, the president signed into legislation one of the most controversial yet significant bills in American history, which allowed for the provision of comprehensive medical insurance to every American citizen regardless of their income. With such outstanding accomplishments, president Obama has outdone many of his predecessors though from my perspective, president Obama has not accomplished enough to be ranked as one of the top five presidents in United States history. This essay takes a comparative look at the accomplishments of my prospective top five American presidents in history vis-à-vis Barrack Obama’s accomplishments Obama Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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