The US Constitution Essay Assignment Homework Help

The US Constitution Essay Assignment Homework Help

The US Constitution is still relevant and important for Americans because it regulates the main aspects of the people’s life within the country, presents the fundamental principles on which the governmental structure is based, and discusses the concepts of justice, welfare, and liberty as the most important for Americans. That is why, the relevance of the Constitution can be assessed only with references to the ideals and principles which are emphasized in it without concentrating on the year of its adoption. In spite of the fact every country has its own Constitution, the US Constitution is the symbol of the American freedom, and it is the base for realizing the ‘American dream’ The US Constitution Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Those norms, standards, laws, and principles which are stated in the US Constitution are so important that the nation does not feel the necessity to make significant changes in the text of the Constitution or adopt the new variant. The relevance depends on the currency, and those principles which are reflected in the Constitution are still current. There are few persons who can argue the significance of equality or freedom for everyone (Hennessey and McConnell). Nevertheless, it is impossible to reject the idea that times change, and definite alternations can be made in the Constitution The US Constitution Essay Assignment Homework Help.

From this point, the system of amendments emphasizes not the imperfectness of the first variant of the Constitution, but the vision of the Federalists who developed the Constitution which can be discussed as appropriate to respond to the realities of the 21st century. The Constitution is the supreme law which is based on the unique rules and norms. These norms help the nation realize its inimitable characteristics which accentuate the national identity (Beeman; Hennessey and McConnell). Thus, the ideals of democracy and liberty are the main points according to which it is possible to distinguish the position of an American when he or she discusses a certain problem (Jordan) The US Constitution Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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